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Colour Trends 2016

A Guide to 2016 Colour Trends


While quite a few of us like to think we are not too influenced by fashion, it can be good to know what the rest of the world is up to by taking a peek at what’s going on.


This year is proving to be an exciting one for colours with something in the mix for almost everyone. 


If you’re on a budget or would prefer minor changes for a boost, add small hits of fashionable colours that work with your existing décor.  It can make a refreshing difference and allow you to express your individual style easily. It’s a lovely way to boost a neutral colour scheme too.


There is a revival of the muted dusky pinks, and strong reds are popular both in the cool and warmer shades.



Bright orange and bright yellow continue to be popular.

Warm dark brown colours feature this year especially those with yellow tones.

Grey which used to be so dull and boring has become sought after.  It isn’t surprising given the wide variety of beautiful variations available.  Anything from light grey to almost black is popular. Also grey/blue and grey/green in various weights of colour.

Green features in a wide variety of colours from fresh spearmint to the very bright greens, as do the more muted earthy shades.

Blues – The pale soft blues are making their presence felt as are the mellow mid blues including the very beautiful duck egg.

Neutral colours are still very much a part of the scene and in particular white tinted with only a hint of black for just a little depth. 


White as opposed to cream has been popular as a main wall colour for some years now. Initially it took a little courage to make the change for some. White seemed so bright by comparison, but it has been a wise choice making the atmosphere bright and fresh while providing the versatility to introduce almost any other colour to a scheme without causing clash.



Take as much care when you choose white as you would any other colour!  There are a million versions.  If you go with a trendy 2016 white tinted with a very small touch of black, you won’t get in to trouble when it comes to adding other colours to your scheme.  


Take your time to make colour choices and enjoy experimenting with the colours you love.




  • Post author
    Jane Passmore
  • 2016 Colour TrendsHow to Choose Paint Colours

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