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Discussing Design with Victoria Stevens

Hello All,
It's Jane here again and it has been a little while since I last wrote a blog post.  We, like many of you are flat out preparing for the change of season.  While we are losing one of the most beautiful summers for quite some time and with it the wonderful long twilight evenings, the thought of winter is not at all bad. Sparkling frosts with stunning clear blue sky days are definitely something we look forward to in Wanaka.


One of the pleasures of working at Homestead Range, is our long association with Victoria. She brings great energy to the business with her wealth of knowledge in art and textiles, the history of textiles and their designs. Planning ahead is important to us, but it's always a pleasure and often a lot of fun to share ideas.

This blog features just a few cushions in our image above entitled “Cushions on Quilts” You will find more information about the cushions easily if you click on the same image in our “Make to Order” section.

Thank you too to all of you who have written in or made comments about our previous blogs. It’s so good to have your feedback.

The following is from Victoria:

Dear People,

My name is Victoria. Currently I am enrolled as a Masters student studying towards a Master of Fine Arts. I am also lucky enough to work in an art gallery here in Wanaka.

I make textile objects which are often fragmented, containers for personal histories which stitch by stitch become vehicles for storytelling. I like to highlight the over looked reworking worn and shared textiles.

Predominantly hand stitched, my quilts are an interpretation of all things pleasant to us such as warmth and closeness to others, - every mark and imperfection invoking a memory. The quilts you see highlighted in the Homestead Range were made as a salute to the resourceful women gone before me who knew a thing or two about providing for their families..

Each piece was designed while I explored different cultural methods of recycling and preserving fabrics.  My quilts are a contemporary take on the more traditional but still true to the ideology of waste nothing precious -   I adopted strategies from the beauty of repurposed Japanese Kimonos which often involve Shibhori dye patterning, the Cook Island Tivaevae method of appliquéing, and the Indian Kantha quilts made from discarded and worn Saris pieced together with running stitch.

My design ethic is to use 100% natural wherever possible. The fabrics are all 100% cotton, with cotton batting and almost all dyed with Japanese black dye, also 100% natural. The results were unexpected and yielded exquisite one off pieces.

Fading may occur but if well looked after they are similar to any other precious heirloom and will improve with age.

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