Cushions Made to Order

The secret world of Homestead Range:  We have many many fabrics in stock for our Make to order service that aren't part of our stock range!

A plain cushion may be all that you would like but for but something as simple as a cushion it can be an opportunity to go to town! Mixing and matching colour and pattern on cushions is an ideal way to transform a room that won't break the bank.

You can choose to have your cushions embellished with buttons, piping, cords, side trims, feature zippers in contrasting colours, or have different fabrics of any design pieced together.  The possibilities are endless. Whether you want plain beautiful or out there gorgeous, we love to make the specific style that's right for you.

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Customer Recommendations:

28 January 2016

I have bought cushions from Jane Passmore’s Homestead Range for clients looking to add that extra bit of class to their interiors.  In some cases Jane has given invaluable help in choosing from her designs and colours to fit their look. At other times Jane has made to order which has worked beautifully.

I have also bought from her range for my own use and love them.

My clients were very happy -  and so am I -  with her products. The materials used are of the highest quality and the finish of the Homestead Range cushions is all about perfection.

I would definitely recommend Jane’s Homestead Range products to anyone who wants to buy  cushions which are in a class of their own and handcrafted by Jane.

Jane listens to you and understands your needs and wants. That’s what I call service.

 Rosemary Brader

16 March 2016

Through building relationships on social media, we came across the wonderful products at Wanaka based company "Homestead Range". "Wanaka Selection's" portfolio of stunning accommodation needed just a few perfect finishing details to add that special touch. Jane was an absolute pleasure to work with; not only was she generous with her time but she worked extremely hard to help us find, match and co-ordinate the perfect cushions for our range of stylish apartments and charming cottages. We would highly recommend Jane and "Homestead Range" and very much look forward to working with her again. 

Mandy Enoka

Wanaka Selections

Standard cushion sizes 
Square                                                 Rectangle
40 x 40cm                                             45 x 35 cm
45 x 45 cm                                            60 x 35 cm
50 x 50cm                                             80 x 40 cm
60 x 60 cm

We are happy to quote for custom sized cushions outside of the above measurements.

Cushion Making Prices (Excluding Fabric) for the above stated sizes:
Plain cushion with zipper                       25.00
Feature zipper cushion                          25.00
Flanged cushion with zipper                  28.00
Rectangle cushion with side trim(s)      28.00
Piped cushion with zipper                      35.00
Bordered cushion with zipper                40.00
Piped bordered cushion with zipper       55.00
Buttoned cushions                                 POA depending on number of buttons and the style of the cushion
Cushion Inners:
Homestead Range has been able to secure a supply of quality feather inners at very reasonable prices.  
Inners to suit our Standard Cushions:
Square Inners:                                     Rectangle Inners
40 x 40cm         25.90                            45 x 35 cm        22.90
45 x 45 cm        25.90                            60 x 35 cm        25.90
50 X 50 cm        31.90                            80 x 40 cm        44.90
60 X 60 cm        39.90               
We require a deposit equal to 50% of the quoted price, on acceptance of our quotation, which is always in writing. Acceptances of quotations must also be in writing via email.